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4 Tips To Help You Choose Your Next Camera.

The situation we face today in our world is one of too many choices and decisions.This is most definitely the case when it comes to choosing a camera to buy for yourself.

Most of us have access to photography every single day of our lives, exciting and fun for some,however this can also present confusion and overload with so many choices, so much information but so little time to learn and understand it all.

Here are a few questions to think about when seeking advice on buying a camera:

#1)What is your primary interest in photography? (people,nature, sports/action, family snaps)
This question is important as you may want to consider a water proof option if you spend a lot of time at the beach or outdoors. If capturing action is important a camera with auto focus tracking and motor drive would be of great interest.

#2) How often will you use your camera?
As most of us have an iphone or some other smart phone that takes pretty decent photos, this may be adequate for your needs if you only take the occasional photo and only want to share the photos digitally.

#3) Does size matter? Will you use your camera more if it is easier to carry in your bag/purse/backpack?
This can be a big consideration if you are hoping to travel or take it places where carrying it will weigh you down….often what will happen is the camera will be left behind or feel like a burden to take, if the it is too big.

#4)What is your budget?
This is another very important consideration, as you will find that there will be several more items on your list other than the actual camera that you may need before you find yourself fully set up. For example a camera case/bag, a lens, lens filter, clean cloth, extra batteries, Sd or Cf cards, external hard drive, tripod…and more….

It is an exciting journey to delve into the world of photography,and by answering these questions honestly you will be prepared to ask the right questions yourself when you walk into the camera store to make a purchase.

Make sure you find time to go to a camera store to do some research, as there is nothing like putting the equipment in your hands first to see what it feels like to use.
Also the staff working behind the counters are photography enthusiasts who love to explain what they know about the equipment.

Highly recommended is the following website to do some further research on gear:DPREVIEW.COM

Best of luck and happy snapping!


  • emma - Great info. I bought an SLR with lenses in a big camera bag…..always gets left behind. I never use it. It’s so bulky. I wish now I purchased a compact digital camera.ReplyCancel

    • Susan Carmody - Thanks Emma! I do hope it helps, as I often get asked the question of what to buy and it really does depend on these points….always happy to delve further but it’s a big topic 🙂ReplyCancel

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