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Another word that I have come across on many occasions and one that has a few variations in both context and meaning :


When I was telling my 13 year old daughter of my idea about sharing interesting words and their meaning, this one fascinated her. She asked me how to spell it and then what it meant.As I stumbled my way through my explanation I noticed out of the corner of my eye that she had found a scrap of paper and was eagerly writing as she listened to me waffling on….

One such example of a meaning for this word could be….

Sunflower_01 (1)

Who has their own version of a meaning for Paradigm?…I would love to hear from you!

It came to me today that each week I would like to share a word with the world.

Have you ever found that some things just keep popping up or appearing in your life without really quite understanding why? I have this belief in me that these are signs to help us stay on track or find our path in life.

Lately I have found that these things for me have come into my life as words. These words will either just pop into my head or I will hear or see them repeatedly in a variety of conversations, podcasts,books, magazines, blogs etc.

In an attempt to understand them or include them in my knowledge base I have decided to share a word each week along with it’s meaning. Quite often I hear them and even though I resonate with them and the context in which they were used I don’t always know the meaning.

This week’s word is EQUANIMITY:calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation

Of course there may be variations in the description of it’s meaning, but for me today, this word and meaning speaks volumes.


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About a year ago I was involved with the local secondary college Beacon program, where local businesses offered their time to discuss with year 10 students some information on various types of work. During one of my group discussions I asked the students if there was anyone they knew who was a computer genius.Without hesitation they all pointed to a young guy named Matt.

Fast forward to today! Over the last few months we have collaborated over the design and development of my new website. I had ideas on how I wanted it to look, work and feel whilst Matt patiently interpreted these into the design and development that is now my new website.
I can’t thank Matt enough for his attention to all the details I asked him to address, the patience, positivity and work ethic he showed me and the genuine pride he took in his work.

Take a look for yourself :
You can also take a look at Matt’s website details here:Matt Hayward

I am thrilled to share this with you today and am encouraged to look further into discovering the talent of our youth in this beautiful part of the world.

Do you have a story of discovery of young talent? I would love to hear from you!


A timely opportunity presented itself for me to be able to take a series of maternity photos for this sweet couple waiting for their baby to arrive. A mixture of relaxed optimism and fortunate weather forecasts set the wheels in motion.

Knowing their love for the ocean,surfing and outdoor lifestyle had me looking at the weather forecast,sunset times and crossing my fingers for on shore winds…

The elements of a portrait that I love to bring together are expressions of natural light,connections and landscapes.This night it all seemed to work out…
I hope you enjoy!


One of the most common questions I get from clients when booking in for a photo session, whether it be one person or a family is:
“What do I/we wear?”

In my experience there is no one set answer that I can give because each client I have worked with over the years tends to have their own personal fashion style.

There are a few things that I do suggest that come top of mind though, especially when it comes to working with a family group:

– Consider where the photos will eventually be displayed (a colour scheme/style that will work with the wall/room where the photos may hang on the walls or be displayed on shelves)

– Consider some tones and colours that will hold the test of time and not seem dated (eg.possibly steer clear of fluorescent colours that will date the photo very quickly)

– On the flip side of the last point, if you and/or your family have a quirky style and love to show this, use this to your advantage and high light the colours and patterns that you love to wear…

– If neutrals are more appealing to you, I suggest finding one colour that can be used to connect a group and have at least two people wear this colour even if it’s just a small splash.

– Try to stay away from one person wearing something completely clashing to the group, even if it is a beautiful article of clothing,it will jump out at you when you look at the photo!

– My preference is not to have families/groups where matching outfits….colours and tones that match, but not outfits(exceptions being sisters/brothers etc).

– Finally, make sure everyone is wearing clothes that they feel comfortable in and makes them feel good…..this can dramatically affect the outcome of a portrait.

Trying to work with these suggestions to come up with a beautiful series of portraits can take more than a last minute gathering of clothes and shoes, so when you are ready to book a photo session, keep in mind that you will need to leave some time to prepare for what you would like to wear.

This part can be fun and it can also be a great way of engaging children/teens and dads in getting ready for the photo session, encouraging them to have some choices, as well as preparing them for what sort of photos they will get by being prepared.



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