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From the most simplistic of view points the role of a family portrait photographer is to create a set of photos that best captures the likeness,mood and personality of each person in the family and their relationship to each other.

When hiring a professional photographer to carry out this task it is important for them to be able to competently manage the following tasks:

1/ Communicate and direct the family members

2/ Choose the correct equipment relative to the environment

3/ Composition

4/ Exposure

5/ Focus

6/ Depth of field

7/ Post Processing

8/ Product delivery

All of this comes into play when working as a portrait photographer.

and much more…

Working as a family portrait photographer here in South Gippsland, Melbourne and previously in Canada, I have found that the true, heartfelt work comes from not only incorporating these aspects (which become second nature through experience), but also capturing those in between moments.

Getting to know the true essence of each family, building a relationship with them and documenting who they are both individually and together is the cornerstone of how I run my business.This paves the way to be able to provide them with a continuation of a service that ensures they receive products that will best stand the test of time of these moments together.

To be able to achieve this, it involves taking time to get to know more about my client and their family, what they love to do together as a family, whether they have pets,their favourite foods, colours, sporting or leisure activities.As well as taking time to source lasting quality products.

Most of all, though, understanding what they would like to do with the photos that are created for them.

My goal is to be the photographer that provides a complete service from beginning to end, from getting to know my clients, location scouting, staying informed on weather and important timelines right down to the final print or product that will be part of their family collection to be shared for generations.

The photographer that you choose to hire, the one that really resonates with you as a person, is the one that aligns with your objectives as well. So when you are considering hiring a professional photographer to capture and create photos of your family these following points can be extremely important to consider in addition to the ones above:

1/ The experience in the genre of Family Portraits

2/ The extent of what they offer in terms of service and product

3/ How well they get to know you and your needs

4/ How much they value themselves and the work they do

5/ How much you are willing to invest to work with the right photographer

6/ How they make you feel

It is an honour and a privilege to be able to work with the families that I do. I encourage everyone who is looking to find the right photographer for their family to keep these points in mind, take your time and ask questions.


A little while back I was contacted by a young woman who wanted to hire me to take photos of her and her brother as a gift for her mother’s birthday! How lovely and how much fun they were. It was one of those shoots were I spent a lot of time laughing, they were wonderful to spend time with.

Preceding the shoot, I uncovered that they both had distinct interests in the arts, Talya as a writer and her brother Jake as a musician, so I invited them to bring along anything they would like to include that would best portray who they are (if they wished)…we played with this idea and had some funny moments, playing a bit more as the shoot progressed…eventually I uncovered just how talented they both are…Jake is amazingly talented on the guitar and Tayla has just recently had her first book published, which is an enormous achievement for someone not long out of school.

I am excited for her and look forward to reading this book, (if I can pry it from my daughter’s hands!) if you would like to take a look at the details of Tayla’s book here is the link : The Convergence

Here is a selection of photos from the shoot:


Instagram has become one of my favourite social media applications.I love it’s ease of use,as well as the speed at which you can share a photo and connect with friends from all over the world.

As instagram has evolved, the use of searches and hash tags has also enabled me to discover and share photos with communities of people that have common interests.

I find it to be a wonderful way to express a little bit more of my daily life and quirkiness, as well as to make new friends and find businesses that I never new existed!

There are photo challenges and contests occurring there on a daily basis, which provide a lot of fun as well as inspiration and that little push to try something different.

This past week I stumbled across a 7 day challenge called #7Vignettes. It is a challenge that is held each month starting on the 1st of the month,whereby each day for 7 days you are to post a photo inspired by the theme of the day.

I decided that this was the right number of days for me to participate in a challenge, so I jumped in and joined the action.

By the end of the 7 days I had found myself with a nice little collection of photos that I wouldn’t have taken otherwise, but above all I made some new friends and discovered a whole world of creative businesses that I never knew existed.

If you would like to give this a try,here is a link to the details of how to get involved in this particular challenge run by Jen Bishop of The Interiors Addict

If you are wondering about the benefits of instagram, here are my Top 6 Reasons For Being on Instagram:

#1 – It is a really quick and easy way to upload and share a photo on the spot to friends and family

#2 – It is a great way to find and connect with new people and businesses that have similar interests

#3 – It is all about the photos and less about the chatter, which keeps it simple and more fun

#4 – It is an easy way to be involved and inspired by photo challenges and contests that push you to be more creative

#5 – It has a great little editing tool built right in to the app that can really help to enhance or stylize your photos

#6 – It’s plain and simple fun (can’t you tell by now that I love to have fun?!)


If you are already on instagram you can follow along at either or both of my accounts:


Spring has arrived in Australia and with that it brings along an opportunity to renew and recharge some areas of our lives that may have taken a nap over the colder,winter months!
One of the most important things in our lives is our health and wellbeing, without this our daily work and personal lives and life goals can seem like a constant up hill battle.
Spring is a great time of year to do a check up on how we are going along the path of health and wellness.

Being busy is great and it can be exciting to those of us that love to have many things on the go,but feeling good,being happy and being busy need to go hand in hand.

Here is a list of 6 things to think about.

Incorporating some or all of these into your daily life will increase your overall feeling of well being, so what do you have to lose?

eat more green thing (2)

The situation we face today in our world is one of too many choices and decisions.This is most definitely the case when it comes to choosing a camera to buy for yourself.

Most of us have access to photography every single day of our lives, exciting and fun for some,however this can also present confusion and overload with so many choices, so much information but so little time to learn and understand it all.

Here are a few questions to think about when seeking advice on buying a camera:

#1)What is your primary interest in photography? (people,nature, sports/action, family snaps)
This question is important as you may want to consider a water proof option if you spend a lot of time at the beach or outdoors. If capturing action is important a camera with auto focus tracking and motor drive would be of great interest.

#2) How often will you use your camera?
As most of us have an iphone or some other smart phone that takes pretty decent photos, this may be adequate for your needs if you only take the occasional photo and only want to share the photos digitally.

#3) Does size matter? Will you use your camera more if it is easier to carry in your bag/purse/backpack?
This can be a big consideration if you are hoping to travel or take it places where carrying it will weigh you down….often what will happen is the camera will be left behind or feel like a burden to take, if the it is too big.

#4)What is your budget?
This is another very important consideration, as you will find that there will be several more items on your list other than the actual camera that you may need before you find yourself fully set up. For example a camera case/bag, a lens, lens filter, clean cloth, extra batteries, Sd or Cf cards, external hard drive, tripod…and more….

It is an exciting journey to delve into the world of photography,and by answering these questions honestly you will be prepared to ask the right questions yourself when you walk into the camera store to make a purchase.

Make sure you find time to go to a camera store to do some research, as there is nothing like putting the equipment in your hands first to see what it feels like to use.
Also the staff working behind the counters are photography enthusiasts who love to explain what they know about the equipment.

Highly recommended is the following website to do some further research on gear:DPREVIEW.COM

Best of luck and happy snapping!


  • emma - Great info. I bought an SLR with lenses in a big camera bag…..always gets left behind. I never use it. It’s so bulky. I wish now I purchased a compact digital camera.ReplyCancel

    • Susan Carmody - Thanks Emma! I do hope it helps, as I often get asked the question of what to buy and it really does depend on these points….always happy to delve further but it’s a big topic 🙂ReplyCancel

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