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Winter cooking is something that brings back so many childhood memories, the smells, the sounds, the tastes.

Cooking with chicken is a big favourite in our kitchen and whenever I start with a full chicken cooking away in a big pot on our stove, there is often an air of mystery as to what it will later turn into…


For this recent cooking session…this chicken…



turned into this pie….






Would you like my recipe?  Stay tuned as I am in the process of writing up my steps for creating this pie.

It has been a work in progress developing my own flavour and style to chicken pie and much of the recipe is still in my head waiting to find pen and paper!

If you would like to comment below about your own chicken pie recipe that would be great, perhaps we can collaborate on a cooking and photography afternoon 🙂


Thanks for reading,


  • Sally Frawley - Love love love chicken Pi. Mines different every time but there must always be thyme and wine.ReplyCancel

    • Susan Carmody - Yes, me too Sally! I do always have Thyme and some wine in there too, as well as lemon zest…:)ReplyCancel

How often do you find you’re out for coffee and you also buy a sweet snack to go along with it? There seems to be an endless number of mass-produced, highly processed sugar and preservative rich options to choose from but very few options for healthy snacks other than a piece of fruit.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my share of fruit, AND I also love sweet treats such as cookies, cakes and slices! (Take a look at my pinterest page just to make sure !)

However because I do make many of my own sweet treats and cut out half the sugar required for the recipe, I often find that bought treats are very unsatisfying.

A good friend of mine had a dream to be able to create a business  that provided healthy options for snacks on the go. Not long after the birth of her son, she made that dream into a reality and started up her business Super Bliss  making and selling nutritionally rich, raw food treats.


Not only do they taste great ,they are sized perfectly to fill the snack need and they are gluten free, made of raw foods and filled with super foods!


Super Bliss balls can be found at the following places in South Gippsland and Bass Coast :

Lucy May’s Cafe in Korumburra

The Beach Box Cafe in Inverloch

The Coffee Collective in Wonthaggi

I encourage you to try them for yourself and let me know your thoughts !


“SUPERBLISS delivers healthy, raw, gluten free, vegan sweets & treats filled with superfood
We believe everybody deserves something sweet that tastes great and is actually good for you.
Our full range of raw sweets & treats will leave you feeling absolutely SUPER and filled with BLISS.”


Working with Teens…

Recently I  had the pleasure of working with a couple of year 10 students for a few days as a part of their required work experience program through their school.

It has been a fantastic experience for me to get to know these students as well as find out how much I do and don’t know about photography, running a business and being a role model. Each time I have had a work experience student it has brought memories back to me of my own work experience during high school and what impact it had on me.

By giving time to reflect on this, it helped me to be clear on what I would like my students to come away with. Apart from the fact that they simply have to come along for the ‘ride’ no matter what is planned for each day with my work, whether it be simple administration tasks,learning about equipment, location decisions, client meetings, photoshop, time management, story boarding ideas and more, the major component for me was to allow them the opportunity to get to know me as a person and what drives my passion for photography and film making.

I believe the number one thing we can do for our children as they grow into young adults is to inspire them to build good connections and  respectful relationships with people in all areas of life. I find that this is a very important factor that comes into play in photographing people, as it helps to relax the photographer as well as the client if time is taken to get to know each other as you work together.

Being able to connect with a client also comes from understanding how it feels to be in their shoes, especially if the client is particularly camera shy, which is why I offer my students the opportunity to have a photoshoot with me.

The photos below were taken of my student Kiera and her friend Georgia a few weeks ago. The wind was howling and the temperature was dipping as the sun went down, but there were smiles and  laughter regardless!

Thanks so much girls for a fun afternoon…

PS. For any enquiries regarding Work Experience Places for 2016 please contact me here Due to the size and structure of my business I can only take 1 or 2 students each year.Thanks for your understanding!


teen girl Gippsland

teen girl Gippsland

I recently stumbled across a fantastic blogger who has some great articles on parenting, down to earth and funny.

A post that really made me sit up and take note was one titled: “Here is the Key To Unlocking your child’s heart!”

Glennon writes about a “Conversation Jar” filled with interesting questions. She puts this jar on the kitchen table and a few times a week, take turns pulling out a question during dinner. It was a well written, funny post that had a simple crafting project at the end of it involving printing, cutting strips of paper and labelling a glass jar.

Did I go ahead and try this for myself? Yes I sure did! Not only was I amazed at how simple this was to do and implement, but I am continuing to reap the benefits of these questions at our table as discussions erupt from the questions pulled out of the magical jar.

It certainly does reach right into our children’s hearts and  brings out something different in each of us that we all learn from…

Give it a try and email me know how it goes! If you have some spare reading time make sure you take a look at Glennon’s Blog here


Keys to unlock your child


susan carmody photo smoothie

The popularity of smoothies have increased dramatically in the last several years with the overall rise in concern of health and wellbeing as well as the increased access to information on nutrition.

Smoothies are an efficient way to get a large amount of daily fruit,vegetable and other nutritional requirements during our active and busy lifestyles.

I personally have been making and drinking smoothies of varying concoctions for at least 15 years. Three of the staple ingredients in my smoothies have been water,spirulina and flax seed oil, with the rest of the smoothie being made up of seasonal fruits, hemps seeds, kale,wheatgrass and powdered vitamin C. These last few ingredients can vary according to what is in my fridge and the time of year.

Due to the fact that I always have some form of spirulina, and/or wheatgrass in my smoothies, they are always green despite the other ingredients that are added.

The main reason I began drinking smoothies was to be able to create a healthy breakfast habit that would start me off on the right foot from the start of my day to replace drinking coffee on an empty stomach and so many of the unhealthy, highly processed breakfast options that were finding their way into my home.

The path to a healthy, balanced lifestyle has a number of steps and smoothies are only a part of the equation for me….

Ingredients for this Smoothie:

1 Orange

1 Kiwi

1 Tablespoon of Hemp Seeds

1 Teaspoons of Vitamin C Powder

1 Tablespoon of Green Superfoods (Spirulina, Alfalfa,Chlorella,Barleygrass)

3 Tablespoons of Flax Seeds

1 Teaspoon of Macca Powder

1 Cup of fresh squeezed orange juice

1 Cup of water

1 Banana


F O L L O W   U S   O N   I N S T A G R A M
F I N D   U S   O N   F A C E B O O K