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7 Tips on how to handle all the photos you take (phone & camera).

In the past it only seemed a detailed task for a professional photographer to need a photo management solution, these days it is something we all need to consider if we hope to ever find all those photos we take.

Can you relate to any of the following situations?

  • Your mobile device will not take a photo or it will tell you to buy more storage because you have filled up your data
  • Your computer slows down to snails pace when you download your photos from your camera
  • You can’t find the photo you are looking for to send to your relatives of your holiday in Spain last year (or any other photo searching situation)
  • You have previously experienced the heartbreak of crashed computers and lost photos
Storage warnings on iphones

Storage warnings on iphones

Here are my top recommendations to help keep things under control:

1/ Delete any photos that are simply no good! We all take garbage photos from time to time, why waste storage keeping something we would never use(like the inside of your handbag for instance!)?
2/ Download photos to your computer on a regular basis (especially after special events/outings etc )to avoid losing any precious moments from crashed computers,stolen or lost cameras/phones
3/ Create folders for your photos according to how you will best remember them (by date, name, location, event etc).filesystem
4/ First backup these photos to an external physical hard drive (I have used a few different brands over the years, Western Digital, Toshiba, Verbatim, all with great results and all still working!)
5/ Second backup to a cloud storage ( I use Dropbox, but there are several others such as Google Drive, Amazon etc)read more here: cloud storage
6/ Third backup by printing some of your favourites. What a great idea!!There are many wonderful photo printing options these days such as photos books, canvases, magnets and simple old fashioned prints.
7/ Finally remove the original photos from your phone, CF/SD card and computer once all these backups have been done! You will free up space on all of these devices and they will perform at optimal capability. Best of all you will have piece of mind knowing you can access your stored photos quickly and easily.

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